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  • S-Lock Tilt Coupler

    Enhance your excavator's capability with the S-LOCK Tilt Coupler. Its robust design enables precise, versatile tilting, making it ideal for a variety of operations. This coupler is a valuable addition for efficient and accurate excavation tasks.

  • S-Lock Coupler

    Boost excavator efficiency with the S-LOCK 13T Coupler, perfect for heavy-duty tasks. Its durable design offers secure and versatile attachment, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. This coupler is an ideal, robust solution for professional excavator use.

  • Micro Digging Buckets

    Achieve precision and efficiency in micro-excavation tasks with Strickland's Micro Digging Buckets. Expertly crafted for durability and precision, these buckets are designed to optimize your micro-excavator's performance. Constructed from high-quality materials, they excel in demanding conditions. With easy attachment and versatile capabilities, Strickland's Micro Digging Buckets are the ultimate choice for enhancing your equipment. Upgrade your micro-excavation game with Strickland's and experience unmatched productivity and reliability.

  • Mini Bucket Digging Buckets

    Maximize precision in tight
    spaces with Strickland Mini Excavator Digging Buckets, engineered for durability and efficiency. Ideal for small-scale construction, utility work, and landscaping, our mini buckets ensure superior performance. Choose Strickland for high-quality digging solutions tailored for mini excavators.

  • Midi Digging Buckets

    Elevate your midi-sized excavator's performance with Strickland's Midi Digging Buckets. Crafted for durability, efficiency, and ease of use, these buckets are the top choice for tackling excavation tasks with precision and reliability. Upgrade your equipment and experience the Strickland advantage today.

  • HD Digging Buckets

    Elevate your heavy-duty excavation projects with Strickland HD Excavator Digging Buckets. Crafted for unparalleled durability and precision, our HD buckets are ideal for challenging tasks in construction, mining, and more. Trust Strickland for high-performance, heavy-duty digging solutions tailored to your needs.

  • XHD Buckets

    Strickland XHD Buckets: Unparalleled Durability and Efficiency for Heavy-Duty Excavation. Elevate Your Construction and Mining Projects with Our High-Performance XHD Buckets, Designed for Optimal Performance.

  • Ditching Buckets

    Strickland Ditching Buckets are heavy-duty excavator attachments designed for precision and efficiency in creating drainage channels, large-scale landscaping, and other earthmoving

  • XHD Ditching Buckets

    Strickland XHD Ditching Buckets: Precision and Durability for Heavy-Duty Excavation. Elevate Your Grading and Contouring Projects with Our High-Performance XHD Ditching Buckets, Ideal for Construction and Landscaping Tasks.

  • Excavator Buckets

    Strickland Excavator Buckets are renowned for their durability and high-quality construction, designed to handle the toughest digging and material moving tasks with ease.

  • Grading Beams

    Strickland Excavator Grading Beams: Precision and Efficiency for Accurate Grading. Elevate Your Construction and Landscaping Projects with Our High-Performance Grading Beams, Designed for Optimal Results.

  • HDR Grapples

    Strickland HDR Grapples commonly used in industries such as construction or logging to handle heavy and irregular materials efficiently.

  • Concrete Pulverisers

    Strickland Concrete
    Pulverisers are robust attachments designed for demolition and recycling of
    concrete structures, featuring powerful jaws that crush and grind concrete into
    rubble with ease.

  • Tilting Ditcher Buckets

    Strickland Tilting Ditcher Buckets are advanced excavator attachments that offer precise control and efficiency in ditching and shaping tasks. Their unique tilting mechanism enables operators to easily shape slopes, create V-shaped ditches, and tackle grading challenges with minimal repositioning, saving time and effort on the job site. Durable construction and innovative design make them essential tools for construction professionals seeking superior performance.

  • Pallet Forks

    Choose Strickland HD Excavator Pallet Forks for Unrivaled Heavy-Duty Material Handling. Engineered with a Focus on Precision, Strength, and Durability, Our Forks Excel in Construction, Warehousing, and Agriculture. Elevate Your Efficiency and Trust in Strickland's High-Performance Solutions Tailored to Your Excavation Needs.

  • Riddle Buckets

    In the excavation world, Strickland's riddle buckets, known for their durability and precision, were the go-to choice for operators who needed to sort through debris and soil efficiently on challenging job sites.

  • Ripper Hooks

    The Strickland excavator ripper hooks, known for their durability and strength, became an essential tool on the construction site, effortlessly tearing through the tough terrain.

  • Stone Rakes

    Strickland HD Excavator Stone Rakes: The Ultimate Solution
    for Heavy-Duty Stone Sorting and Landscaping. Elevate Precision and Efficiency
    in Construction and Landscaping Projects with Our Durable Stone Rakes.

  • Telehandler Buckets

    Strickland Telehandler Buckets: Elevate Material Handling Efficiency with Precision and Durability. Ideal for Construction and Agriculture, Trust in Strickland for High-Performance Telehandler Solutions.

  • V Ditching Buckets

    Strickland V Ditching Buckets: Precision and Efficiency for Superior Drainage. Elevate Your Grading and Contouring Projects with Our High-Performance V Ditching Buckets, Ideal for Construction and Landscaping Tasks.

  • Concrete Pouring Buckets

    Strickland concrete pouring buckets are specialized containers designed to deliver and pour concrete precisely where it's needed at a construction site, ensuring efficient and clean transfer from the mixer to the formwork.

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  • BUILT EN/ISO standards in mind, ensuring all current and expected standards are met where applicable

  • STRICKLAND products are manufactured using hardened steel on ground engaging & wear components, making them capable of working in the most arduous environments.

  • ENGINEERED to seamlessly integrate with all major OEM specifications. State-of-the-art CAD software enables us to update products, keeping our product aligned with our customer’s ever evolving machinery.

  • DESIGNED with purpose, our products are engineered to provide the most effective outcome in all applications while remaining user friendly and simple to maintain.

  • RIGOURSLY tested, the range of Strickland products are designed to be used by a full spectrum of industry sectors. A secure working environment, regardless of the application, is at the forefront of all designs.

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